About Us

Our exceptional facility...

Cares for people who have complex medical needs, such as those with complex medical needs. Often, our residents require prolonged treatment plans and extended recovery times. Typically, our residents have medical conditions that require the expertise of an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals.

The team includes the resident’s attending physician, medical specialists, therapists, registered and licensed nurses, social worker, registered dietitian, activity directors and nursing assistants.

Great Barrington Healthcare provides comprehensive post-acute care, including specialized wound care services, specialized nutrition services, short-term rehabilitation and long-term care. In addition, we provide care to those with complex medical and psychiatric needs.

Upon admission to our nursing and rehabilitation center, all residents are assessed by members of the interdisciplinary team. All residents are assisted to reach their goals for recovery in a homelike environment by a team of caring highly qualified healthcare professionals.

Our individualized care plans address areas related to the resident’s mobility, performance of activities of daily living (ADLs), and addresses their specific medical conditions.

Working with the resident’s physician, our highly trained staff of specialists, registered and licensed nurses, registered dietitian and social worker establish a comprehensive treatment plan with the goal of helping each resident reach his or her highest level of functioning.

Our mission at Great Barrington Healthcare is to provide exceptional clinical care with a commitment to promote healing, preserve dignity, and offering an experience that enhances the quality of life for each and every person.