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Lucinda Moran

The Berkshire Eagle- Letter to the Editor -Posted August 17th 2018

The Berkshire Eagle

Letter: Great Barr. Healthcare did well by husband

Posted Friday, August 17, 2018 3:27 pm

To the editor,

My husband, Brian, was in rehabilitation for much of the last year at Great Barrington Healthcare. Our expectations were so greatly exceeded by GBH's incredible, highest quality healthcare — by their supportive and positive home-like environment. Their wonderful staff obviously had years of experience and good clinical skills — there was not a day that went by when one or several of the staff would not stop into his room to work clinically or to just say "hello" (or listen to one of his jokes).

Their enthusiasm with him and for him helped immeasurably as he fought for healing and his life — the staff was always there, trying to give him all the comfort they could. And, he loved Holly's food!

Their rehabilitation services and person-centered care gave all of Brian's family great confidence. Brian had a large wound a couple of inches deep that measured nearly 24 inches from his hip down the side of his thigh and pelvis, and the wound needed to remain open for drainage, be cleansed and re-bandaged every day. Several nurses and aides attended to this. There wasn't a day that the staff didn't have a wonderful smile for him.

Brian passed away the first week in January and took with him the warmth, love and all that was given to him by so many.

My deepest and most sincere gratitude goes out to Katie Coburn, the administrator, for all that she has brought to GBH: her amazing enthusiasm, beautiful smile and great efficiency; to Sheena, the head nurse, always there with her compassion and great care and reaching out and to all the wonderful nurses and assistants, the caring rehabilitation staff who worked so carefully and lovingly with Brian, and the ever-helpful office staff. Thank you for giving my Brian so much!

Lucinda Moran,

Great Barrington


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