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Timberlyn Heights Nursing and Rehabilitation

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    Timberlyn Heights Nursing and Rehabilitation

    Bear Mountain Timberlyn Heights’s neuro-rehabilitative services to individuals with acquired brain injury, traumatic brain injury, and other neurological conditions. The specialized services available in Timberlyn’s Neurobehavioral Rehabilitation program include neurological, neuro-rehabilitative, and neuro-psychiatric services, as well as intensive behavioral management and treatment services necessary to promote recovery, improved quality of life, and, if possible, transfer to a less restrictive, community-based setting.


    The mission of the neuro-rehabilitative program is to provide quality rehabilitative services that result in the best possible outcomes to individuals who experience acquired brain injuries, neuro-psychiatric disorders. More specifically, the program is designed to meet the needs and objectives of each individual served through comprehensive interdisciplinary treatment team services. Generally, this goal is driven by the pursuit of the following:

    • Improve cognitive and physical functionality to the greatest extent possible
    • Stabilize and improve social, emotional, and behavioral repertoires
    • Enhance residents’ abilities to achieve the greatest independence possible

    These goals address the status of each resident’s cognitive, communication, physical, medical, behavioral, social, vocational, and other domains – with specific priority given to those skills critical to admission and success in their projected discharge setting/site. Services are offered through a variety of therapeutic contexts including 1:1, small group, and community oriented situations in a variety of relevant settings including unit-based, rehabilitation, and community settings.

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