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Mattapan Health & Rehabilitation Center

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    Mattapan Health & Rehabilitation Center

    At Bear Mountain Mattapan Health & Rehabilitation Center, we understand the complex emotions involved in this transition, both for our senior residents and their families. You’re looking for a facility that is dedicated not only to the care and comfort of every resident, but also to maximizing each person’s potential. That’s what makes Bear Mountain such an uncommon residence.

    Here you’ll find warm, safe and home-like surroundings staffed by a bilingual, multi-disciplinary nursing and rehabilitation team that truly respects each individual’s independence. On the one hand, Bear Mountain is as close as you can get to an extension of your own family. On the other hand, we provide the peace of mind that can only come from the highest quality short- and long-term care.

    Programs and Services
    Our Social Service Team takes a hands-on approach, providing prospective residents and their families with guidance that eases the transition to our facility. And, when it comes time to go home, our staff also assists residents with the transition back home. While at our facility, you’ll find two helpful tools: active resident and family councils. Our trained/licensed staff offers supportive counseling to residents and families alike. Also, we continually evaluate our services through our comprehensive Quality Assurance Program.

    Rehabilitation Services
    Nurses are the heart of nursing home care. Our nurses are dedicated to improving the lives of our residents, both today and in the future. To that end, we emphasize rehabilitation whenever possible. This means that many of our residents will eventually return home, while others will achieve their maximum independence.

    Creating and Recreating
    Mattapan Health & Rehab provides a complete and varied recreation program tailored to our residents’ needs and interests. From educational seminars to social events and crafts to spiritual groups, we create an activity calendar that stimulates old and new interests and fosters social bonds.

    The Personal Touch
    Our home is your home. Here, residents can surround themselves with personal belongings. They can also be surrounded by the warmth of loved ones, as friends, family (especially grandchildren) and even family pets are always welcome to pay us a visit.

    Every meal at Mattapan Health & Rehab is a special occasion, a time to enjoy good friends and healthy, delicious, perfectly prepared meals. Our registered dietician is trained to consider individualized diets and personal preferences, coupled with nutritional value and exceptional quality. Enjoy!

    Respite Program
    When a primary care giver needs temporary relief, our respite care is a primary option. While you are away, your senior loved one can stay in the community near friends and receive unsurpassed care.

    General Information

    • Facility License: Skilled Nursing Facility
    • Certifications: Medicare, Medicaid
    • We accept most insurance plans

    Call for more information about our programs and services: 617-325-7695

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