My brother has been a resident at Great Barrington Healthcare for a nearly year. He is in a safe and caring environment. All of the staff show love and kindness to my brother and always respond to his needs. The staff also communicates and responds to me regarding my questions about my brother's care and needs.  I find the staff at Great Barrington Healthcare wonderful and caring people both to my brother and to me.


Susan Lacourse

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Daniel Lacourse
admitted January 30th 2018 from Vibra Hospital of Western MA

The Berkshire Eagle

Letter: Great Barr. Healthcare did well by husband

Posted Friday, August 17, 2018 3:27 pm

To the editor,

My husband, Brian, was in rehabilitation for much of the last year at Great Barrington Healthcare. Our expectations were so greatly exceeded by GBH's incredible, highest quality healthcare — by their supportive and positive home-like environment. Their wonderful staff obviously had years of experience and good clinical skills — there was not a day that went by when one or several of the staff would not stop into his room to work clinically or to just say "hello" (or listen to one of his jokes).

Their enthusiasm with him and for him helped immeasurably as he fought for healing and his life — the staff was always there, trying to give him all the comfort they could. And, he loved Holly's food!

Their rehabilitation services and person-centered care gave all of Brian's family great confidence. Brian had a large wound a couple of inches deep that measured nearly 24 inches from his hip down the side of his thigh and pelvis, and the wound needed to remain open for drainage, be cleansed and re-bandaged every day. Several nurses and aides attended to this. There wasn't a day that the staff didn't have a wonderful smile for him.

Brian passed away the first week in January and took with him the warmth, love and all that was given to him by so many.

My deepest and most sincere gratitude goes out to Katie Coburn, the administrator, for all that she has brought to GBH: her amazing enthusiasm, beautiful smile and great efficiency; to Sheena, the head nurse, always there with her compassion and great care and reaching out and to all the wonderful nurses and assistants, the caring rehabilitation staff who worked so carefully and lovingly with Brian, and the ever-helpful office staff. Thank you for giving my Brian so much!

Lucinda Moran,

Great Barrington


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Lucinda Moran
The Berkshire Eagle- Letter to the Editor -Posted August 17th 2018
Polly Mann - Council on Aging
July 26, 2018 from The Council on Aging

My father-in-law was at Great Barrington Healthcare, for 2 1/2 years.  It is a quality facility that attends to the needs of the individual upon admission and as they change over time.  Regular assessments and evaluations of a resident’s situation are the protocol.   We had the occasion to deal with various departments there - from social work to the business office to administration to nursing.  Everyone we worked with was professional and compassionate, as well as both proactive and responsive.   If or when an institution becomes the best choice, this is the kind of nursing and rehabilitative center one should hope to find. 

 All best, Lara & Blair

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Harold Thurman
Admitted on February 22, 2016 from Albany Medical Center

“The staff are respectful, caring and it is the right place for my wife to be.”

“Staff are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. Their response time is outstanding.”

“I compliment and salute Great Barrington Healthcare for having a well-qualified staff to help the patient reach their goals.”

“The entire staff is sensitive to the patient needs”

“Emet, the Hebrew word for truth. (These things are) easy to say when you speak the truth.”

-Martin Shapiro (Spouse)



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Louise Shapiro
Admitted on June 28, 2018 from Columbia Memorial Hospital

To Whom it may concern,

Good Morning, my name is Linda Trificante and I have been staying at Great Barrington Healthcare for the last 9 days, and it has been wonderful. The care has been   absolutely lovely, and the atmosphere here is fantastic. I have lived across the street for years, and have always wondered about this quaint little facility. I have seen people out and about during the warmer months and everybody always seems happy.  The therapies I have   received have been remarkable. Sarah and Kyle (the  therapists) have made me feel like I have been at Canyon Ranch. They worked with me and got me exercising and feeling stronger.  This is so much more than a nursing home, it is a place of love and kindness.  It is a place of rehabilitation.  They make people well here, not just physically, but emotionally. They work with people to get them back out into the world.  This place is unique, the activities calendar is unlike any other  I’ve seen.  I am so grateful I can’t begin to tell you, and when I go back across the street ad look over here, I can say – Thank you God for such a wonderful place!

Linda Trificante

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Linda Trificante
Admitted on December 10th, 2017 from Berkshire Medical Center

My 94 year old mother was admitted to Great Barrington Healthcare after fracturing her tibia. The reason for her stay was for rehabilitation and to return to her independent living in her independent living in her own home. She was nervous about going to a long term care facility and we, her family, were protective and nervous as well.  We also wondered if she would be able to fully recover from her injury.

From the moment, we walked into the facility we were made to feel welcome and safe. The Director of Nursing met us just a few minutes after we arrived.  She brought with her a “Welcome Bag” filled with items to make her stay more enjoyable.  A wonderful personal touch.

We soon found everyone on staff to be equally welcoming and caring.  Mom received excellent physical and emotional care from the nursing staff. Her call bells were answered quickly. She was never made to feel she was a bother to anyone, no matter how busy they were. The physical and occupational therapists helped Mom accomplish her goal in just seven weeks.  They were very skilled and supported her through the process with gentle understanding while still challenging her to reach her highest potential.

The facility is very clean thanks to the very friendly and helpful housekeeping and maintenance staff.

The food is cooked from scratch and is very good.

The activity staff checked frequently to make sure she was not bored during her leisure time.  The Social Worker was very helpful and supportive. She answered any questions we had and prepared all of us for Mom’s discharge to her home.

Mom loved how the hairdresser cut and styled her hair.  It was a wonderful boost for her to have her hair done right at the facility.  I hope I have not left anyone out.

I would highly recommend Great Barrington Healthcare for anyone needing rehabilitative care.  My Mom, my brother and our families echo my thoughts.  Being there made a very difficult time so much easier for all of us.

Thank you to everyone!

Sandra Nantowicz

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Sandra Nantowicz
Mrs. Near admitted from Fairview Hospital January 31st, 2017 and discharged home March 22, 2017

I am Nadine Foster.  My Mom Marilyn Bailey is a patient here at Great Barrington Healthcare. Quite some time ago, I was checking out places for her to rehab in as I noticed she was getting weaker. She didn’t want to come of course, then her incident happened with her seizure and I knew right where I wanted her to come. The greeting I had when I came to first check the place out was so warm, so inviting, the staff was great. I took one walk down the hallway and noticed how clean it was, how friendly the staff was, the rooms and hallways were bright. I was in this building a few years ago, and I walked out. The improvements, and the new management was a big deal to me. I don’t worry about my Mom here like I worried about her at home. I know that she is safe and people are wonderful to her. She is getting the care she needs. It is an adjustment for all of us. I sometimes think it is more of an adjustment for the families than it is the patient, at first you get those guilty feelings and you wonder if you are doing the right thing. It didn’t take me very long to realize that I do not feel guilty, and I did the right thing.  I am very grateful for Great Barrington Healthcare and the staff, and I think I want to volunteer here. I am very happy for my Mom here, and I think she likes it too.

Nadine Foster
October 12th, 2017

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Nadine Foster
Mother was admitted on September 7th, 2017

Dear Katie,

I've wanted to tell you of our great experience at the Great Barrington Healthcare facility…the care and     concern by the nurses and aides, by all the therapy staff and everyone that helped and worked with Brian was quite amazing.

All of the staff went beyond themselves to be of help to him (and me). Their diligence, compassion, care, great patience and their excellent training made his stay so much easier for all that he is dealing with.

Thank you for all that you do and bring, and for all of your time and care. 

Lucinda C. Moran
September 16th 2017

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Lucinda Moran
Husband was admitted on July 31st, 2016, A letter to the Administrator of Great Barrington Healthcare

Great Barrington Healthcare became my new family ever since they had taken my dad, Nicholas Scanapico, in with open arms.  Back in February, I had received a phone call from a hospital in Georgia that my dad had fallen and his Alzheimer’s had become even worse. I  didn't know what to do, but I knew I didn't want to leave him there not knowing what was going on with him.   Being so far away, I started calling nursing homes around the area I work, so I could be there for him if they needed me.  Not knowing about any kind of     medical insurances, not being able to care for my dad, and not having a dime in my pocket extra to help pay for his care, I found this very overwhelming.  I called the one of the liaison for Great Barrington Healthcare and spoke to Joanne Frame who advised me on what to do first.

I flew to Georgia, My dad did not look well and the nursing home was not up to my standards at all.  He was tucked by a wall in a corner, just lying there sleeping.  He had a full beard, which in all my years have never seen.  He had a totally different personality as well. I took him back with me to Great Barrington. It was a very stressful trip, as I was trying to make everything go right.  Let’s just say, “Thank God the plane was delayed.”  Since   summer was starting in Georgia and it was still cold in the Berkshires,  I  purchased winter clothes from     whatever they had left in the stores.  

We were welcomed at Great Barrington Healthcare with open arms, and dinner was there waiting for us. The House Manager, Sheena Gennari was great and even though she was busy she always made the time to stop and talk with me. I have met so many wonderful people associated with Great Barrington Healthcare.

Suzanne Desnoyers, the Director of Nursing, brought clothes in from her  father, who recently passed and was the same size as my father. I thought that was so  thoughtful of her and it was a tremendous help to me.  They got him on the right medicines, and he was back to his old self in no time. The activities department keeps him very busy and whenever I visit he is always around     people.  The dining room has fresh flowers and the administrator, Katie Coburn is always on hand.  The nurse’s aides take such good care of my father, and he is always dressed in nice matching clothes.  I could not have done the financial side without the business office manager, Darlene Davis.  She wrote letters for me, and handled all of my dad’s accounts.  Darlene set up payment for me and answered any questions I had. She was so patient and it was a huge load off my mind.

There are many people I am sure I have forgotten, but they all helped my dad from the first moment he stepped foot into his new residence. I am pleased and grateful that my dad became a resident at Great Barrington Healthcare.  My dad says he likes it there, and I couldn't have asked for a better nursing facility.

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Laurene Strong
Father was admitted on April 6th, 2017

Great Barrington Healthcare gets it. Our 41-yr. old son, father, brother, uncle has a new way of being after multiple strokes left him totally dependent on others. He could not live his new life at home. It was horrific to acknowledge that my 41-yr. old son needed a nursing facility with 24 hr. care!

All Skilled Nursing facilities offer the same services but what I found different with Great Barrington Healthcare is from the top management down, they care about each individual client and their family. Yes, they provide good medical care, the also provide good food and laughter and warm companionship. They have created a new family and community where my son can thrive within his     current way of being.

I could site hundreds of examples of how they do this, but can anyone define all that goes into making a warm, caring, nurturing family home? Great Barrington Healthcare is an extended part of our home and family that also happens to be providing 24 hr. nursing care to our family member.

Thankfully you ‘get it’.

Ellie Hamlin
August 2, 2017

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Ellie Hamlin
Son was admitted on February 2nd, 2016

When I first got here I didn’t know where I was or what to expect as my mind was completely toasted. I was in pain and, as the days went on, I started to notice things. The nurses were very attentive and wonderful. The food was being brought to me, the medicines were being brought to me, and I could talk to everyone very openly.

The people here have been very, very kind and sensitive. They were there when I needed them. The food is really good and the kitchen staff is incredible. People eat what they like, and if you need a substitute they will whip it up for you just like that. I ordered out a lot because I was afraid of hospital food, but then I started looking at the plates and then I said, ‘you know what? This is wholesome food.’…Everyone is really good at doing their jobs, and they do them efficiently.

People will stop what they are doing to help you, and it is nice to be catered to. It got to be almost like a treat, to be brought here and to be treated so well. The only problem I have is leaving, because I want to come back… They make sure that when you go out to the hospital for tests that they have all the paperwork ready for you. They check everything and are accurate about their notes. There was one time when they had to spend about a week trying to get my MRI booked, and they did it! They were on the phone almost all week with Mass Health and the doctors and everything, and they plowed right through it. I would rate this facility a 10. That is the truth. This facility is an incredibly healing place.”

Sincerely, Harryet Candee.

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Harryet Candee
Admitted on March 3rd from Berkshire Medical Center

To Whom it may concern, I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that I can’t thank you and your staff enough from the care and attention that I received during my stay at Great Barrington Healthcare.  My injury happened very suddenly and the whole situation became very overwhelming and stressful.  Your facility and staff made this whole process much easier for me.  The food was good, the staff kind and helpful, and the care that I received was top notch. Thank you for everything!

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Anna R.
Admitted on March 10th 2017 from Berkshire Medical Center