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    Dennis Ambrose

    Admitted in November of 2018 from Beth Israel Hospital

    “I have only praise for Bear Mountain and it’s staff. What a difference a day makes! I believe that God worked through the Bear Mountain staff as a result I am 100% better. When I came here, I was unable to walk and needed a wheelchair. Now I can DANCE! Thank you, God, and thank you Bear Mountain”

    Robert Boutilier; Resident Council President

    Admitted in May of 2013 from (He doesn’t remember and it’s not in PCC)

    “I was in the hospital for a major surgery and needed extensive wound care and the use of a wound-vac. Josephine (Unit manager) put tons of time and effort and was amazing! It took well over a year to heal and by that time I was unable to return to the community. I’ve been here six years now and consider many of the staff to be friends. If you need long term care, I’d recommend this place whole halfheartedly.”

    Eugene Ricardo

    Admitted on 5/9/19 from BI

    “I was very reluctant to go to a rehab center. I had been in one in Watertown previously and it was a horrible experience. Bear Mountain is everything they were not. The staff is on top of my care and even my personal preference (must have three coffees!). Shawn from rehab is unbelievable. He works with me every day! Always encouraging and supporting and does not allow me to be lazy. I hope I don’t need their services in the future but if I do….I would come back here without question!”

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