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Chinese Program

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    China Garden Asian Program

    Director: Jennie Zheng, RN
    The newest addition to our ever-growing commitment to quality service and care, the Asian program at Parkway Health & Rehabilitation Center adds culture to the mix.

    Specialized care for our Asian community
    Parkway creates a soothing and comfortable atmosphere, while our highly experienced multilingual staff brings excellence and attention to detail. Stay awhile and immerse yourself in culture, care, and community.

    Join us to take a peek of what’s to come at Parkway Health & Rehabilitation Center.


    Multilingual Staff: Cantonese, Mandarin, Taishanese

    • Physicians
    • Nurses & CNAs
    • Hospice Care
    • Social Services
    • Rehabilitation Therapy
    • Recreation & Activities
    • Common Terrace
    • Asian Entertainment
    • Asian Cuisine


    亞裔安養護理計劃主任: 鄭辰涓


    雙語專業人員: 廣東話,普通話,台山話

    • 醫師
    • 護士,護士助理
    • 離終關懷護理
    • 社會服務
    • 康復治療
    • 休閒活動
    • 公共晒台
    • 亞裔文化娛樂
    • 亞裔餐飲

    Bear Mountain 康復護理中心,中國院民部現大量招聘雙語員工: LPN & RN 護士 CNA 護士助理按此下載傳單

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